Kevin and Penny take your  dog for training at any level from basic obedience right up to field trial standard and everything in between. Dogs coming to us will first undergo a behavioural assessment so that training can be tailored to suit individual temperaments. Dogs that have difficulty adjusting to a kennel environment can be kept in a domestic setting if necessary.
Kevin training in the rabbit pen All dogs are treated with kindness and consideration for they natural needs and drives and no harsh methods are used or tolerated.   

Training methods have been carefully developed over a number of years and incorporate psychological techniques and proven methods for motivating dogs for the demands of this type of work. 

Their adaptable, individual approach results in a dog that is happy, enthusiastic and obedient - in short a dog which will be a friend and excellent shoot companion as well as a credit to its owner and a useful addition to any shoot day.

Kevin and Penny will regularly update you on your dog's progress and provide full feedback on the training program's delivery.  A personal training session with you and your dog will ensure you get the most out of your newly trained shooting companion and further follow up is provided if necessary. 

Penny and Kevin are always keen to learn about the development of their canine charges and hope to stay in touch over the dog's career. 

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