We can offer a range of training to suit the gundog enthusiast and semi-profession alike.  One-to-one block course, puppy and adult classes, walk-ups (with game and shotguns) and field trial classed for novice and experienced dogs are available. To their great pleasure, some clients have actually won first place in field trials.
Kevin with Paul and Millie One of the biggest problems encountered when taking a dog in for training is the bad habits that have been allowed to develop prior to the dog reaching training age. These habits will make the training more difficult and means that additional time will be required and may result in higher training fees.

The most common of these bad habits is 'free hunting' where a dog has been allowed to 'mooch' about on its own for rabbits etc. and is therefore unused to any form or restrain or command  when it encounters live game.

Another problem arises if the dog has been used to having sticks and balls thrown for it by its owners or, more frequently, by their children.  Again, the dogs needs to unlearn this behaviour before it can learn to respond to new commands. Breeding , of course, is vitally important and will reflect in the final results.  With this in mind we are happy to offer advice and help in acquiring the right sort of puppy or dog for your needs.


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